Get Dirty

An exhibition focused on raising awareness and involvement at the UW Urban Farm.


Create a exhibition space for UW Campus. 


Exhibition Design

Winter 2021

3 Weeks


Emma Brennan, 

Katie Cowin + Hannah Levang


Kristine Matthews


Figma, Illustrator, Sketch  + After Dimension

call to action.jpg
Sign3Radish 1.png
Sign2WateringCan 2.png
front lighter 1.png
Sign4Onion 1.png


The array of vegetable signs are to be placed around the UW campus to catch the eye's of students and faculty. They will point visitors in the right direction using QR code to pull up directions to the space.

front lighter 1.png


The zine, designed by Katie Cowin, is another way to inform visitors. It is full of helpful facts about the UW Farm, where the food goes and how people can get involved. A take home seed packet is also included on the back!

fulllayout 1.png
Frame 5Grid.png

Exhibition Space

At the main exhibition space, students are invited to 'get dirty' with eh farm by potting seeds and picking fresh veggies that they can take home to enjoy. This allows people to have a full circle farming experience that will spark interest in volunteering with the farm in the future. 

Group 2297.png
Group 2298.png
Group 2300.png

Take Aways

We wanted visitors to leave with fun goodies and learning something new! Alongside our seed packets and zines, we created a recipe card for the produce that they harvested, stickers and a tote bag. 

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